Visiting the Magic Kingdom – Labor Day 2020

I am so happy to share our experience visiting the Magic Kingdom! This was my first time at Walt Disney World since the parks closed in March 2020.

My husband and I were in Florida for four days over Labor Day weekend. We had absolutely no time in our schedule for anything fun or Disney related. As we were packing up and preparing to return home the following day, my husband asked if I’d like to pop over to Disney for a super short visit. OF COURSE!

Park Pass Reservations for entry to Walt Disney World Parks. Although we are WDW annual passholders, there were no reservations available during the busy weekend. We each purchased a one day ticket (reservations are split amongst annual passholders, resort guests, and guests with tickets only) and were able to get reservations released that evening for visiting the Magic Kingdom.

What would you do if you only had two hours at the Magic Kingdom?

We had to catch our airplane at 3pm and had just two hours at the Magic Kingdom.

The Character Cavalcade greeted us as we arrived. The new castle looked beautiful in the Florida sunshine, although I’m still not sure about that pink!

I wanted to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, especially if time didn’t permit us to ride anything else. I’ve been feeling especially sentimental with everything happening this year and PotC is the most nostalgic for me.

We still had some time remaining so we dashed over to the haunted mansion to visit 999 happy haunts.

Visiting Disney is always a magical experience.

We also saw Chip and Dale on river raft, and Tinker Bell with a large pile of treasure!

With just enough time remaining for one more attraction, we headed for another family favorite; Space Mountain.

We took the Monorail back to parking and had one last look at the Magic Kingdom as we say goodbye, for now. I hope it won’t be long until the whole family can return.


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