The Disney World Vacation Mistakes I Made so You Don’t Have To

Just about a year ago, I had the worst Disney World vacation ever. Everything went wrong! I made my resort reservations too late and didn’t have many options. We didn’t even bother to make any reservations for dining. Our vacation aligned with spring break and crowd levels were high.

Worst of all, my children and I got sick on the first full day of our vacation!

Disney World vacations are inevitably magical.

This was not how I imagined the kids’ first trip to Disney, however we had some wonderful moments. They call this the “happiest place on earth” for good reason!

Booking our trip through the Walt Disney World website was easy. Although knowing tips and tricks is helpful, it’s not necessary. You can manage everything in one spot. Through the app, you can check wait times for lines and grab FastPasses. Easy!

One of the extras suggested by the website was the Disney Magical Express. My mother was bringing our rental car from Miami. The Magical Express was a convenient way for us to get to the resort and it is complimentary for resort guests!

Walt Disney World Resort guests enjoy a variety of special benefits.

I chose the All-Star Movies Resort because it was budget friendly and it seemed like a fun resort for the kids. They loved the theming of our resort. 

One of the cast members I spoke to on the phone just before our trip told me there would be something special for the kids at our resort check-in. Disney has all sorts of pins for different special occasions. The kids felt extra special with their 1st visit pins. 

We headed to the Magic Kingdom for our first full day of vacation. It wasn’t even lunch time before I realized the kids and I were getting sick. My son’s symptoms were the worst. He woke with a fever that had me searching for a pharmacy at 4 am.

Thankfully once his temperature was under control, he insisted he wanted to have some fun. Nobody wants to be sick during their Disney vacation, but we made everyone comfortable and took it easy. 

Delicious Disney Dining

I worried about going to Disney World without a dining plan, but we definitely didn’t need it. My kids are picky eaters and I barely eat more than a snack when we’re busy. Even the most basic dining plan provided more than we care to consume during such a busy trip.

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Our first visit to Hollywood Studios!

We took a day for Hollywood Studios without any specific plans. We didn’t have a lot of must-dos on our list and enjoyed a relaxing day of attractions.

Toy Story Land was super cute but without FastPass+ reservations the lines were just super long. We enjoyed some shows, some shopping, and just exploring.

I learned a lot from the mistakes I made during our short Disney World vacation. I made a few mistakes with our trip but we had fun, made some great memories, and the kids couldn’t wait to go back.


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