Free Printable Chore Chart

Free Chore Chart Printable from @FunAsYouGrow

How would you like some help with the never ending housework?! We can all use some extra hands with bottomless piles of laundry, granola bar crumbs, and whatever that weird smear is on the wall? With this FREE printable chore chart, you can get the kids involved in making your messy house a happy home!

We all know that kids may cause a lot of mischief, but they love to be helpful too. Chores are a great opportunity for them to accomplish something.

In our home, we like using charts for tracking learning progress and good deeds. This inspired me to come up with a FREE printable chore chart that would work for kids of all ages.

The FREE printable chore chart is a great way to keep track of your little helpers’ progress!

The first column is a traditional list of the different areas of the home as well as two spaces that you can use for special rooms in your home (home office, craft room, playroom, basement, etc.).

The second column is a visual representation of the different areas of the home. This is great for the youngest helpers in the house to follow. Along the top row is a list of basic tasks (safe and adaptable for all ages) with a row below for our little helpers to follow.

You can keep track of your family’s progress by checking off each star. You could also use those little foil star stickers! We love earning stickers in our house.

Cleaning may seem like a chore to us grown-ups, but being positive about making an accomplishment together as a family is super important. I remember my mom tying a scarf over my head to keep my hair back when we cleaned together long ago. It made me feel useful and important.

You could even use this as a reward system for your family. Completing the chart (or even just a room) is a great thing to celebrate with a treat or special reward!


Free Printable Chore Chart from @FunAsYouGrow

How does your family handle chores?

This printable is free and I encourage you to print it out for use at your home. Please REPIN and share!


  1. April 8, 2020 / 2:53 pm

    You have prepared a great and free printable chore chart, I have saved this chart will take print tomorrow morning for implementing it properly.

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