Scavenger Hunts at WDW Animal Kingdom

Scavenger hunts at WDW are a fun opportunity to avoid the crowds and explore the parks! For Earth Day we thought we’d share some of our favorite Animal Kingdom scavenger hunts!

Wilderness Explorers

We started our adventure with a handbook at the entrance. We earned badges by completing activities throughout the Animal Kingdom. The kids recited the Wilderness Explorer pledge to earn their first badge. We followed the instructions that were included in the handbook, but we took notes on the map to keep track of our progress earning all of the badges. We completed all tasks and turned it in to earn our final badge!

While earning a badge on Kilimanjaro Safari we saw lots of animals, including elephants, crocodiles, and a hippo! We also visited the Conservation Station and learned about the dangers that our trash may pose to sea turtles. No littering and you should recycle!

I try to stump Michael with a trivia question about flamingos, but he hasn’t forgotten what he learned while earning his badges.

Scavenger hunts at WDW are fun for the whole family!

Lion King Scavenger Hunt

After earning all of their Wilderness Explorer badges and completing their booklets, we completed the Lion King Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger hunts at WDW are one of our favorite park activities! Although much smaller and quicker (you only need to identify various Lion King Characters through out the Animal Kingdom) you can earn your choice of a Lion King Magnet after showing your completed scavenger hunt.

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