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Fun As You Grow usually features content related to family entertainment. Some examples include film inspired DIY, or TV and movie reviews from the kids and I. I also share travel tips and experiences, a few funny family stories, as well as promote special events and activities. We utilize a variety of networks for promotion including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and a few others.

You can have a look at Instagram if you want to see our goofy faces. Our family consists of dad (38), mom (39), son (9 yo), and daughter (3 yo). We’re too weird to have a cat or dog. Instead, we have a parrot (10 yo) who knows exactly what to say when the kids need to take a time out.

My writing experience includes drafting Congressional legislation in the United States House of Representatives like a real grown up, writing historical fiction and fantasy novels like a nerd, and a bunch of silly stuff you see around here. Once upon 2005, I wrote and illustrated a children’s book, Princess Me, which was self published. Best seller! I’m kidding. Limited super special edition. Like ten copies. They are so rare and valuable. Collect one!

With sponsored posts (as required by FTC Guidelines), readers will be notified of any content that has been sponsored. Opinions will be my own and totally honest.

Social Media Stats (as of January 2020):

Twitter: 3, 300+
Facebook: 4,000+
Pinterest: 2,000+
Instagram: 1,100+
YouTube: 150+

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