Happening Lately-Vol 2

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Spring is in full swing but the weather here has been cold and snowy too! Yikes! We’ve been stuck indoors for a week. There has been a lot happening lately despite the weather.

Despite the restrictions there has been a lot happening lately. Take a look at some of the stuff we have been up to!

The Easter Bunny made an unconventional stop this year. He didn’t leave the usual baskets of sugary treats. Instead there  was a Disney scavenger hunt and some new Lego sets. The kids had fun and I think they liked the toys better than the candy normally stuffing their baskets.

On Our Channel

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After sharing a few Walt Disney World videos on our channel, we were tagged by another channel and had to answer 19 questions about Disney. We had so much fun, giggled as much as we talked, and talked about some of the Disney things that make us happy.

Keeping Busy

We have all started to settle into some new routines at home. Although we sometimes have days that are a little stressful or less productive, we keep busy.  We have been working on a home studio; a shared creative space for the family.

Keeping active can be tricky in confined spaces. To keep myself motivated, I registered for the runDisney Virtual Challenge. This recent includes a trio of 5Ks; 5K Mad Tea Party, 5K Haunted Mansion, 5K Space Mountain. Registration for each individual 5K has sold out, but registration is still open for the three race challenge.

Cross the Streams

Amazon Prime: Little House on the Prairie, SpongeBob Squarepants, The Andy Griffith Show

Netflix: The Office, Tiger King, Month Python and the Holy Grail

Boomerang: Tom and Jerry, Bunnicula, Scooby Doo

Disney+: Mary Poppins, The Mandolorian, Tangeled

Here’s what’s been happening on the blog:

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Two Ingredient Cloud Dough Recipe

Products I’m Loving

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Glossier Boy Brow (blond) not sponsored

What’s been happening lately with you? Let me know in the comments below!



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