Happening Lately-Vol 1

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It’s Easter weekend and currently snowing! Here’s everything that been happening lately to inspire some family fun!

Despite the restrictions there has been a lot happening lately. Take a look at some of the stuff we have been up to!

Life has been really strange. As of April 9, we have been isolated in our home for an entire month. To be honest, I thought we were six weeks into this! The toughest part is not knowing WHEN; when we can hug our loved ones again, when we don’t have to stress over toilet paper anymore (three rolls left in our house), or when we can start to do all that other stuff we used to complain about. The kids have been patient and understanding, and I am glad to say they have been well behaved.

On Our Channel

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While we have been stuck at home, we started sharing some videos from our Disney World vacation just one week before the closures. There is even a Rise of the Resistance Ride Through for you to enjoy if you want to experience the parks!

MORE Family Fun at Walt Disney World

Rise of the Resistance Ride Through

Departing Soon

The Disney Parks have been closed for almost a month but we are continuing to plan for our scheduled WDW trip in early June. Although it seems unlikely that our trip will happen, it is nice to have something to look forward to. Because we are staying on Disney property (Disney Springs) we were able to schedule our fast passes at 60 days.

What was surprising was the limited number of fast passes available! I had to juggle our days and the parks based on what appeared to be available. I have scheduled fast passes at 30 days and I am always grabbing fast passes day of. With how few options there were at 60 days, I wonder if the parks will be super-crowded or if WDW is already limiting availability to prevent the parks from being over crowded.

I did attempt to add the Fantasmic! Dessert Party, which is a fave of ours, and there were no options for this experience in June. We do already have a dining reservation for Be Our Guest which is still showing. We will continue to monitor updates directly from WDW regarding park operations.

What We’re Watching

Onward was released to Disney+ last week! We’ve been really excited for this one since we saw all the merch at WDW last month. There is a lot of action in this one as our two heroes go on a special quest. I wasn’t surprised that there was a lot of heart at the center of this story. Moms (and dads too), you’ve been warned to keep your tissues handy!

Surely you’ve seen the Tiger King memes flooding social media! After thinking it all looked so hilarious, my husband and I decided to give it a try. Wow! It is hard to believe that this story and these people are real! There is so much going on! Most importantly, Carole Baskins killed her husband. This documentary, with another part to be released very soon, is available on Netflix. Super NOT safe for family fun!

Life is kind of stressful these days and laughter is super-important. If you’re looking for some giggles or something light-hearted to follow up Tiger King, I have been re-re-binging The Office. The humor on this series never gets old! You can find it on Netflix.

What We’re Playing

There’s been a lot of video games happening lately in our home! It’s been a tree reliever and VR has definitely felt like an escape.

One of our new favorite spring traditions is the Roblox Egg Hunt. Every year Roblox and game developers hide special eggs within games. There are clues, puzzles to solve, and obstacles to complete as you hunt for eggs. It’s very rewarding and exciting when you earn each egg and my son and I love playing this together. Since it is unlikely that the Easter Bunny will be hiding eggs in our yard this year (it’s snowing), this is a great alternative in a pinch. There are 52 eggs and you have until April 28 to earn them all!

Here’s what’s been happening on the blog:

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What’s been happening lately with you? Let me know in the comments below!



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