EPCOT Festival of the Arts Food, Activities and ART

Hey, pals! Recently, we visited Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts. If you follow us over on Instagram you may have seen some of our behind the scenes fun including some amazing chalk art and the beautiful artwork we purchased.

Our day started in Future World and we were greeted by our friend, Pluto, who was wearing a special collar for the International Festival of the Arts. Viola has noticed that Pluto wears different collars for different occasions such as a very special 50th anniversary collar. He’s such a good boy!

This was our first ever visit to the EPCOT Festival of the Arts!

I’m a Disney planner so we had a few things on our Disney to-do list and headed to the Expression Section for the paint by number mural. We got our paint and foam brushes from the Expression Section and got to work. When we were done they handed us a bookmark of the completed design as a very nice keepsake. So cute!

There were some absolutely gorgeous chalk drawings along the sidewalk featuring some great works of art and some of our favorite Disney characters too! My kids mentioned the fact that they really need to work on their chalk drawing skills.

There was also an amazing chalk drawing done by Nate Baranowski who has made several contributions to the Festival of the Arts. There were also lots of booths all around World Showcase featuring prints and paintings for sale, lots of Disney art and various different styles.

The EPCOT Festival of the Arts has something for everyone!

Many of the artists are actually in attendance and you can either watch them in action or you can ask them about their art. We did purchase a gorgeous print from Crystal Dombroski Fine Art. We spoke with Crystal and she had a wonderful conversation with Viola and even personalized the print that we purchased with a very inspiring message for her.

I can’t say it enough: I am a Disney planner and I try to do it all, but this time, I got a little lazy. We purchased the Figment Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt. However, a cast member gave me a heads up that prize choices were running kinda low. Instead, she gave me our prizes: a paintable Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Great prizes but we haven’t finished our scavenger hunts yet.

The best Disney plans are the ones that make the visit easier for your family!

I’m always picking up festival passports and I don’t really do anything with them. I handed it to Viola, she was flipping through it, and she declared that she wanted a Popt’ Art. She can’t read yet but she just knew she had to have it from looking at the picture. It was filled with hazelnut spread and she had a little bit of it at Epcot but she finished the rest of it the following morning for breakfast. Here’s a helpful hint: always bring empty storage bags. You don’t want to throw tasty treats in the trash.

Our day at Epcot finished with dinner at Le Cellier. We have heard lots of recommendations and we’ve been eager to try it. We loved it! The steaks were delicious and wow the cocktails were so yummy. We actually ordered two very chocolatey things for dessert this time. We definitely look forward to eating there again… or having more cocktails!


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