Felt Letter Tracing Activity

While the kids are learning at home, letter tracing has endless possibilities!

DIY can be fun, but it is even more rewarding when your child can learn new concepts from it. I have two little ones who are excited about learning. It is super important to take advantage of their enthusiasm.

Letter tracing is a great way for to kids to learn letter concepts and composition!

I was inspired by Montessori sandpaper letters. The texture of sandpaper letters are meant to be traced while saying the letter sound. It’s like an intro to letter writing and phonics. I had some adhesive felt letters and thought that might be a good way to get my toddler interested in letter tracing. It’s also a great opportunity to make a set of nice, clean, and distraction free flash cards.

The materials needed to make Felt Letter Flash Cards:

Index cards

Adhesive Felt Letters

My 3 year old removed the paper backing while I adhered the letters to the index cards with a little bit of pressure to seal the bond. I had purchased a large package of index cards recently for only a dollar. The adhesive felt letters were a clearance purchase at a large retail craft store for only $3.00. Total project cost: $4.00

Numbers were also included in the package of adhesive felt letters so I made a set of number flash cards as well. I also made extra versions including felt numbers with stars to count and a few extra letters just in case there was any damage to the flash cards. For storage, I secured the cards in a couple of sandwich baggies (which I love, love, love for storing non-food items).

Although one of the most simple and inexpensive DIY projects I have ever done, the potential for learning and the variety of learning activities is endless.

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