Disney Shopping

I did a lot of Disney shopping. I visited a few stores in the area and I found some clothing and merchandise and a lot of things for our little princess here, so let’s take a look and see what I found!

At Marshall’s I found a really cute Mickey tumbler. I love taking beverages with me when we’re on the go. It was $9.99 at Marshall’s. I also got Viola a nice little Mickey t-shirt and it was on sale for $2.99.

From Kohl’s department store I got a few things. I got myself a long-sleeve tie-dyed Mickey t-shirt. It’s very, very soft and I think it’s gonna be nice for those chilly Florida nights, especially when we visit around the holidays. I paid $4.76 for that top. I can’t wait to wear it.

This time I got a Minnie Mouse shirt and for Minnie Mouse I paid $8.16. Super, super soft, nice and lightweight, good for the Florida sunshine.

The last thing I have from Kohl’s is something for Princess Viola. I found this in the boy’s department but it was just her size. A cute Mickey thermal shirt. $3.92.

I love Disney shopping and finding a good bargain!

My favorite Disney purchases today were from H&M. I had seen some ads on Facebook and I couldn’t wait to get into the store because I knew they had some good Disney goodies. First, Mickey, Minnie long-sleeve shirt on sale for $5. There’s all kinds of different faces on there and Minnie’s wearing different bows and being really silly.

Next we have two Minnie dresses. I think this would be really nice to wear at the Animal Kingdom. A little cheetah polkadot and it’s not just one dress, but it’s two dresses, and look Minnie and Daisy! This was, $17.99. Totally worth it.

Next we have an adorable Minnie Mouse bathing suit. Viola already has this bathing suit in her closet but unfortunately we didn’t get to use the bathing suit before she outgrew it so this is in her size and it was on sale.

There is a hooded zipper sweatshirt for $10.99, I love that price. It’s Minnie Mouse. She’s got beautiful silver glitter shoes, the belt is glitter, but wait! It’s got Minnie ears and a bow. That is just like the real Minnie!

Shopping doesn’t have to be pricey!

There is a 2 pack of Minnie Mouse long sleeve shirts. Maybe we don’t need too many long-sleeve shirts in Florida but it was only $7.99. Two Minnie shirts.

Alright, it’s not exactly Disney merch but it’s definitely giving me some Florida vibes. I got some stuff at Old Navy. We’ve got some pineapples, we’ve got some palm trees, more palm trees. This stuff makes me so happy even when we are a thousand miles away from the Sunshine State. I love shopping, especially when I can get a good deal or bargain and that’s even better when it’s on some really cute Disney merchandise.

Thanks so much for shopping with me. I hope you like what you saw!


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