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I ordered Disney Candyland from ShopDisney! It is one of my all-time favorite board games. It just so happens to be the Disney Theme Park Edition. Let’s play!

I’m not gonna lie, I need to have a look at the instructions because it’s been a very long time since I played Candyland. There’s the pieces as Disney characters. I can tell you what I like about this. There’s not a lot of different pieces and I think that’s great with board games. The fewer pieces you have, the fewer pieces there are to lose.

On the Disney Candyland game board it looks a lot different than maybe the Candyland game that you grew up with. We have Fantasyland, we have Cinderella’s Golden Carousel.

You can find Cinderella’s Horse at the Magic Kingdom!

We have the circus, Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Such an iconic ride! There’s the Diamond Mine Pass to the lost indoors Diamond Mine. Here’s Snow White’s Scary Adventure. We have Story Time with Belle. There’s Wonderland and the teacups. Following the game board along It’s A Small World. Peter Pan’s Flight, one of our favorite rides. You come over here to Ariel’s Grotto, there’s Pinocchio, and you make your way all the way to Cinderella Castle.

Disney Candyland is a great way to explore the parks from home!

Not only is this a really cute interpretation of Candyland, but it also tells a little story in the instructions. You can set up the game with your little ones and they can follow the story along as they play through the game board.

Some of the special rules to make note of; the youngest player goes first. I think that’s a great way if you have a few kids in your family to stop everyone from getting upset about who gets to go first. Youngest gets to go first!

There are game cards with Cinderella’s Castle. In case you need a refresher of how to play, if you draw the card with a single color, you move to that square. If you draw a double color, you move¬†twice. When you draw the picture card you go directly to that spot on the game board with the corresponding picture.

We have so much fun with this game and sharing some of our favorite Disney Parks memories!


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  1. Anonymous
    March 12, 2022 / 7:15 am

    That looks great. This is actually one of my childhood favorite yes,too.

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