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I have long been waiting for the moment when adulting kicks in. You know, all that responsibility and seriousness. Every birthday I’m getting older and I celebrate with another fine line or wrinkle, but I still feel like a kid!

Fun As You Grow is a way for me to share some of the fun things our family enjoys, including; great places to visit, exciting things to do, and some wonderful entertainment. Kids of all ages welcome! The purpose is for you to take something away from this place and to share it with your family!

I am boss lady. Hear me roar.

Although I prefer to be called Jenny, my mother still calls me Jennifer Lynn when she’s angry. I’ll admit that I’m in my thirties, although I make no promises to acknowledge when I’m in my forties.

On my wall of fame are two undergraduate degrees in art that I earned in 2002 and 2003. I was also a teacher of science, Spanish, music, and advanced algebra. I even worked on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Assistant specializing in education.

Now, my job is MOM… and I’m very tired. All the time.

Who are those other people?

My husband and I met in 2004 through eHarmony. We married in 2008 and keep anxiously asking one another if we look old now. I negotiate food consumption, speak in funny voices to calm tantrums, and I used to wipe little bums. Our 10yo is homeschooled although sometimes I wonder who is really teaching who. That dude is smart! We added a sister to our family in June 2016 who is incredibly disappointed that dinosaurs aren’t still out there stomping around. Also, she’s always telling us what to do.

We are Walt Disney World Annual Pass Holders and reside in central Florida. I love the Disney atmosphere, the kids love the rides, and my husband loves complaining about the prices! We’re just doing our best to take advantage of the sunshine and step away from all those screens everywhere.


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