10 Entertaining Winter Reads

Entertaining Winter Reads by @FunAsYouGrow #books

Books… remember those? The rectangle thingies that were made out of paper. The weather outside can be brutal, but entertaining winter reads can take you away from your cabin fever.

Although books were a very big part of my childhood, it seems that younger generations have replaced them with electronic gadgets. I really wanted to share some of the books that I love and hope to inspire a little winter reading!

If I had thousands of children, picking my favorite book would be like picking my favorite child; I like them all for different reasons. These entertaining winter reads are some of my absolute faves!

The books on this list weren’t just entertaining. They changed or had a major impact on my life.

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The Magic of an Imperfect Disney World Vacation

Just about a year ago, I had the worst Disney World vacation ever. Like, everything went very wrong! I made my reservations late (gasp!) and for dining, I made no reservations at all. It didn’t help either that our vacation aligned with spring break and crowd levels were higher than the spires of Cinderella’s Castle.

Worst of all, my children and I got sick on the first full day of our vacation!

Disney World vacations are inevitably magical.

Although it was not how I imagined the kids’ first trip to Disney, we made some memories and had some wonderful moments.

They call this the “happiest place on earth” for good reason!

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