10 Simple Sick Day Activities for Kids

10 Simple Sick Day Activities for Kids from @FunAsYouGrow

There is absolutely nothing fun about being sick! It’s even worse when are kids are not feeling well. A few sick day activities for kids will ensure their recovery is a happy one!

Little bodies need rest and nutrition to fight nasty germs (and you should consult a doctor, not me, for medical advice), but don’t forget that laughter is the best medicine! Entertaining our kids is a great way to make the most of an agonizing sick day!

Being sick can be scary for our little ones, but there are plenty of ways to distract them with a few fun sick day activities for kids.

Artsy Fartsy (hehehe, I said fart): Grab the crayons from between your couch cushions and let them make something pretty. Drawing and coloring do not require too much concentration and can be a great way to pass some time. Older kids may enjoy something a little more challenging like constructing paper airplanes.

Movie Marathon: This was and still is my favorite way to pass a sick day! Let them get comfy and enjoy watching some of their favorites. It is also a good time for them to catch up on their favorite shows that they are usually too busy for. Set a timer on your DVR and you are all set for the next sick day.

Reading Adventure: Give them a pile of books and let them go on an adventure. Picture books are a great way for imaginations to tell the story and more experienced readers can enjoy getting lost in a book. You can even make up your own story together and get artsy fartsy (see above) with some illustrations.

Build Something: Grab the LEGOS, blocks, or whatever other type of kid friendly building material you have and just let them construct. Empty tubes of toilet paper seem to get lots of chuckles in our house and make for a strong and versatile building material. Grab a tray or even a cookie sheet to give them a work area that can be used wherever they are and easily cleaned up when they need a little rest.

Sick day activities for kids give them a dose of fun and entertainment!

Dough & Slime Time: You have probably seen those videos on your Facebook feed of ‘satisfying slime’. Squishing and mushing are great stress relievers! Slime and dough are a sick day activities for kids favorite! You can even make a light and fluffy cloud dough using materials already in your house. Firmer doughs can be sculpted and molded or your can give them a few containers for pouring slime.

Make a treat: When their non-existent appetites are even more non-existent when they are sick, give them a treat! Sore throats can be soothed with icy treats and upset tummys might be settled with something a little starchy. Just be sure they are getting plenty of nutrition to fuel their bodies!

Fresh Air: Don’t be afraid of fresh air. If your kid has been stuck inside during a sick day or two, go for a walk or have a seat on the porch to get some fresh air if they are feeling well enough. Winter can make noses dry and stuffy indoors. Dress for the conditions outside and enjoy a little sunshine!

Tub Fun: Sick bodies can be icky and a bath can be so refreshing. Make the most of their time in the tub by giving them a few things to play with. A little steam from the water can also open up clogged noses. Since we are a society that has to warn people not to eat Tide Pods… always remember to check the temperature of the water and don’t leave little ones unattended.

Most sick day activities for kids are easy on supplies, clean up, and ready in a minute!

Doctor Play: If your child is having trouble telling you what is wrong, doctor can be a fun way to diagnose their symptoms. It also makes being sick less scary when they can find something fun and enjoyable.

Make a bed fort: If they aren’t feeling well enough for sick day activities for kids, let them rest. You can make them a little more comfortable by making them cozy on the couch, your own bed, or grabbing all the pillows and cushion to make a fort around their own bed.

What are some of your favorite sick day activities for kids?

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  1. My kids get to relax and watch tv. Usually when they are sick they don’t want to do much. So they get control of the channels. Lots of fluids and pj’s all day.

    1. I know I usually have a lot on my mind when the kids are sick. Both of my kids are getting over minor colds right now so some activities were much needed.

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