My Motherhood Story: Two Kids Strong

My Motherhood Story: Two Kids Strong by @FunAsYouGrow

Motherhood (and the many messes associated with it) are something all moms can totally relate to!

Of all the places onย the internet to share your tiny moment of peace in the bathroom, you have somehow ended up here!

Although the fun is just getting started here, I wanted to start at the beginning and share my unpredictable journey through motherhood.

After having my son in 2011, I started sharing my stories and some adorable photos at a place I created called Mommy Huh. I shared it mostly with friends and family. Soon after, I discovered it was an outlet for me to also share my thoughts about motherhood with others. It was a much needed place for me to declutter my mind. I had something I could actually control, unlike the little human who was full of surprises for me.

I was a working mom then, putting in 10 hours a day on Capitol Hill. Somehow, I found ways to make the most of the time we spent together. I took him into the office, nursed-nursed-nursed, and pushed back bedtime. But no matter how many extra seconds I found each day to spend with him, it didn’t feel right. In 2013, I left my job to focus on my son and motherhood.

I continued blogging through out the many changes our family experienced; moving, working from home, moving again, homeschooling. I soon discovered having more time made me want more children. Even my son wanted another baby, though he wanted onlyย a brother.

Despite what my son thought, you don’t just go to the store for a new baby.

I never got pregnant and although I knew it was an outcome I couldn’t control, I felt like something was missing.

Eventually, I accepted the outcome. I gave away maternity clothes, baby clothes, and gear. I did my best to move on. My son (and my husband and I) made it past the terrible twos and whatever nasty adjectives are used to describe the threes and fours. A couple months later when I asked myself “what’s next” I got my answer.


My mood had been cheery and instead of accepting that I might just be pleasant for once, I correctly assumed I was pregnant. I wish I could have fast-forwarded nine months later but, my second pregnancy made me feel like April the Giraffe. By the time baby girl arrived in June 2016, I complained my way across the finish line.

My Motherhood Story: Two Kids Strong by @FunAsYouGrow

Recovery didn’t go so well for me this time. After some issues in the hospital, I came home and didn’t feel quite right. I finally had the piece that seemed to be missing from our family, but I kind of lost myself. Sure, two kids will keep you busy, but I somehow woke up and went to bed everyday without really accomplishing anything. I never knew how to answer the question “what did you do today?”

My Motherhood Story: Two Kids Strong by @FunAsYouGrowWhen I should have been writing about being a new mother of two, my blog got dusty and eventually disappeared. A major technical issue took away all of the content I had produced and I was left with a website that hardly functioned. It seemed like too much work to salvage.

And I was right.ย I couldn’t save what I had done in the past, but I could start something new for my future. I wanted a place to share my new stories and some of the fun activities that our family enjoys.

Motherhood is tough, right? But once you get past the tantrums, sour milk in a forgotten bottle, and goldfish crackers (so many goldfish crackers), motherhood is totally awesome!

Legos, train track building, dress up, robot voices, PlayDoh cooking, finger painting, SpongeBob, sing alongs, don’t step on the lava, and snuggles!

I like to call this place Fun As You Grow because I want kids of all ages to feel welcome. Even if you are an almost-forty-something-kid like me.

What makes #motherhood fun for you?

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  1. We all have our moments as parents. I’ve been looking forward to this year for some time because my kids are both at school.
    Only about 12 -13 years to go ๐Ÿ™‚

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