Why Mom Gets Nothing Done

Why Mom Gets Nothing Done by @FunAsYouGrow

When my husband asks what I did each day, I always reply like  an angsty teenager. “Nothing,” I say with a shrug. Each and every moment of time was devoted to must-dos, leaving little to no time for those want-to-dos that get overlooked. The reality is, there are plenty of reasons why mom gets nothing done. Poor woman can’t even find a moment to go to the bathroom alone.

Mom gets nothing done from her to-do list but what she thinks is nothing, is just what the family needs to be happy and functional.

I couldn’t tell you what day of the week it is without looking at an electronic device, but somehow another year has happened. At a time when everyone else is reflecting on their accomplishments, I’m assessing all of the things that I didn’t do this year. My shameful to-do list often consists of tasks which have carried over from previous days, weeks, and months of neglect because of other higher priority tasks. Mom gets nothing done despite her exhaustion. Geesh, adulting is hard.

My excuses for not accomplishing things has gotten rather clever. I have matured from my dog ate my homework to something more sophisticated like, it took me three hours to clean the car seats and the interior of the family wagon. Sounds dramatic, no?

I’m not being too hard on myself. When I truly need to make something happen, I find the time to do it. Motivation, however, seems to be what is truly missing. I know there is a no excuse mom out there, but she isn’t me!

Why Mom Gets Nothing Done by @FunAsYouGrow


Don’t think of excuse as a bad word. Mom gets nothing done because she’s so busy getting everything done. It is more than ok to have excuses and totally understandable. You are human, aren’t you?

I made a list of excuses that are just so true.

  • The kids are doing #alloftheafterschoolactivities.
  • Was accomplishing a lot t home, until I realized I had to be somewhere else ten minutes ago.
  • Had another baby.
  • Picking up the Legos I just stepped on.
  • Moved to a new house three months ago and still have boxes to unpack.
  • Oh, shiny thing.
  • I put SpongeBob on to distract the kids while I did some other task, and it distracted me instead.
  • Can’t decide if I am PMS-ing or pregnant.
  • Googling if you can be PMS-ed and pregnant at the same time.
  • Video game troubleshooting.
  • Had to leave the house with two kids. That takes an hour of prep work.
  • Putting away more Legos.
  • I was too busy making an elaborate to-do list. Looks pretty tho.
  • Full moon.
  • Shopping sounds like more fun.
  • Found Legos in the bathtub. Built a tiny house before putting them away.
  • Self diagnosing the most minor changes.
  • Cooking two completely different meals just to avoid hearing complaints about what is being served.
  • Trying to figure out the math my 6 year old is doing.
  • The baby is mobile. Hide all the things!
  • Why aren’t there laundry folding machines yet?
  • Busy looking at Pinterest and found 346 things to add to my to-do list.
  • Seriously! Stepping on more Legos!
  • Couldn’t find my glasses for 50 minutes. Was already wearing them.

Maybe you can relate to some of my explanations or maybe I made you laugh. Let me know some of the reasons you’ve encountered.

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  1. This is a funny list! I am not a mom yet but since I take care of my niece everyday, maybe I can use some of these too!

  2. Oh yeah – my kids are older but it doesn’t go away. Especially since one of my kids is 17 years old and autistic. Every single sentence begins with mom… He understands sanctuary though – so when I want a break for 5 minutes I tell him I am in my sanctuary bubble and will let him know when I am done…

  3. Mine is alllll Instagram! Just need to see what people are up to… Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofblog, hope you had an amazing Christmas? We’re back on #fortheloveofBLOG this Weds if you’d like to link up again 🙂 x

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