5 Helpful Tips for Any DIY Project


5 Helpful Tips for Any DIY Project from @FunAsYouGrowI have 5 helpful tips for any DIY project that I use to go from inspiration to completion.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I love pinning pretty things. But honestly, I am not likely to even attempt duplicating most of the DIY projects I pin. I lack the skill and time to ensure the projects I attempt look anything like the projects I see on Pinterest.

My 5 helpful tips for any DIY project are applicable to all sorts of projects. Up-dos, crafts, hacks, and kid-friendly activities.

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Strongly worded but SO true! You don’t have to be artsy-craftsy to do DIY. Keeping projects simple by using cheats like stencils and eliminating complicated details takes the stress (and cost) out of DIY.

5 Helpful Tips for Any DIY Project from @FunAsYouGrow

Adapt: Make the project fit your needs (adjust dimensions, tweak colors, different applications). Our home is full of DIY decor that I made. It fits our style, room dimensions, matches existing decor, and best of all, I do it cheaply.

The most stressful and expensive DIY projects are the ones you try to duplicate exactly.

Flexibility: I love finding items before I find DIY projects. Instead of putting too much time and effort into acquiring the materials necessary for a DIY project, I let what I can actually acquire inspire me. Flexibility is also a great step to any project.

Patience: Don’t rush a DIY project. We might see something we ABSOLUTELYLOVEMUSTHAVE on Pinterest, but rushing a project could lead to mistakes and additional costs. I often make the mistake of trying to accomplish things during nap or bedtime, but it is rarely possible to make it from start to finish in that amount of time.

Enjoy: I have no purpose for projects that I didn’t enjoy making. If your project is stressing you out, re-evaluate what is going wrong and consider some alternative solutions. Don’t be afraid to admit a project isn’t working.

What are some of your fave DIY projects? Share your posts in the comments below!

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