An Easy Recipe for Cloud Dough Fun


Easy Recipe for Cloud Dough from @FunAsYouGrowI am so excited to share this easy recipe for Cloud Dough! It uses ingredients you probably already have in your home.

Spring is already keeping us busy! Yard work, spring cleaning, and a lot of errands I put off all winter. Today I took some time for a different kind of activity.

If your family loves homemade slime or play cooking, you’re gonna love this!

Be advised it is a VERY messy activity but well worth the clean up!


Easy Recipe for Cloud Dough from @FunAsYouGrow

Ingredients: 1/4 cup Baby Oil & 2 cups of flour

This easy recipe for Cloud Dough really is as simple as that. I let my son do all the pouring and mixing. Using measuring cups is always a teachable moment. Pouring is also great practice for fine motor skills and patience.

Easy Recipe for Cloud Dough from @FunAsYouGrow

Cloud dough has a soft, fluffy texture and it smells wonderful! It’s like sculpting, building, and scooping damp sand. It can be molded and formed into many shapes!

When I added a few toys, his imagination took off. He also played with different types of spoons, scoops, and containers for transferring and molding the Cloud Dough.

Easy Recipe for Cloud Dough from @FunAsYouGrow

Cloud dough is as messy as you would expect something made of flour. I let him play at the table above a carpeted floor for easy cleaning. Just a damp cloth for the table surface and a quick vacuum of the floor.

Easy Recipe for Cloud Dough from @FunAsYouGrow

My son spends a lot of time watching my husband and I cook together. He has even been doing some cooking himself. He not only had a lot of fun with this activity, he was also really excited to see the pictures I took.

Easy Recipe for Cloud Dough from @FunAsYouGrow

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