3 Simple Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

Simple Beauty Tips for Busy Moms from @FunAsYouGrow

Beauty tips for busy moms are a great way to look your best without investing time you don’t have to spare. When I look bad on the outside, I kinda feel bad on the inside.

Before I had kids, I used to have an image in my head of what a ‘mom’ looked like. She was a fashion trend or two behind the times and more worried about the next toddler tantrum than her personal appearance.

But there are a few simple ways being a mom can look more fabulous and less frazzled.

Beauty tips for busy moms can help you look your best in a flash!

– Polish your nails. Don’t think you have time for it? You can get your nails painted and dry in less than five minutes with a quick drying polish. Having tacky nails is also a great way to get your spouse to take care of some things around the house. When you’re done with your color or need a new one, clean up is definitely easier than picking up a thousand Lego blocks. Special Tip:Β Painting your nails can also be a fun mommy-daughter bonding activity.

Stick to essential make-up. I have a very fair and pale complexion that looks sickly when I don’t have any make-up on. A quick application of concealer is a must to cover up dark circles. Although I have 2 kids that need help getting ready too, I just use the basics. A little mascara, concealer, and lipstick can go a long way to making me look less like a zombie. Special Tip: If someone else is driving, use your time wisely in the car to add a little make-up! Wait for the stoplights if your hand is unsteady.

Take care of yourself.Β Sleep is really important. Moms love to be super productive when the kids are in bed. But too much production and not enough rest isn’t healthy. You might never FIND time for you, but you can MAKE time for you. Take the time for a skin care regiment to keep your skin looking healthy. You should also use a moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin. Special Tip: Taking care of yourself isn’t optional or a special treat. Your family will understand!

Beauty tips for busy moms can help you to look good on the outside, and feel good on the inside.

Simple Beauty Tips for Busy Moms from @FunAsYouGrow

In all honesty, my nails need polished right now, I have zero make up on, and I’m not even wearing a bra as I write this. But before I walk out the door, I’m going to spend a little time on myself and it’s totally ok to do so! Our kids may always come first, but mom doesn’t always have to come last.

What makes you feel and look good? Do you have any beauty tips to share with other busy moms?

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  1. I love using the elf product. My daughter and I collect different nail polishes, it’s fun painting nails with her. And yes sleeping is definitely a must. Although sometimes it’s hard to get the hours.

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