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What is Fun As You Grow?

I have long been waiting for the moment when adulting kicks in. You know, all that responsibility and seriousness. I get older every birthday and celebrate with another fine line or wrinkle, but I still feel like a kid!

Fun As You Grow is a way for me to share some of the fun things our family enjoys, including; great places to visit, exciting things to do, and some wonderful entertainment.

Early versions of this blog appeared as Mommy Huh (2011), Just a Little Spoonful (2012), and Mom Tattles (2014).

After changing my mind a lot, I’ve finally focused on an identity and purpose for taking up a little bit of space on the internet. I want you to take something away from this place and to share it with your family! Use my recipe for cloud dough, check out our latest LEGO build for some brick-spiration, or just find something to read in the precious moments before your kids discover you are reading in the bathroom.

Kids of all ages are welcome!

The Boss Lady.

Who are you?

Although I prefer to be called Jenny, my friends call me Jen, Jennifer, or Jennifer Lynn if you’re my disappointed mother. I’ll admit that I’m in my thirties, although I make no promises to acknowledge when I’m in my forties.

I have two undergraduate degrees in art that I earned in 2002 and 2003, but I’m still not quite sure what to do with those. I have been a teacher of science, Spanish, music, and advanced algebra. I even worked on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Assistant specializing in education.

Now, my job is MOM… and I’m very tired.

The Family.

Who are those badly drawn stick people?

I met my husband in 2004 through eHarmony. We married in 2008 and keep anxiously asking one another if we look like we’re still in our mid-20’s. He’s the one that makes sound effects for slow motion explosions in our family and can put things on the top shelf when our little humans aren’t playing nice with their toys.

I negotiate food consumption, speak in funny voices to calm tantrums, and wipe bums. I homeschool the 8yo and remind him of that time we tried to be a soccer family and failed incredibly. We laugh now, but we cried then. We added a sister to our family in June 2016 who is every bit as silly as her brother.

Hello. My name is Jenny!

My journey began through motherhood began unexpectedly on September 12, 2010 when I discovered I wasn’t just pregnant, but I was five months pregnant. I spent the next four months trying to prepare for raising a little human. Our son arrived on January 13, 2011 and took all of his genes from my husband. Although others assured me that mothers always know exactly what to do, I guess I’m just not one of those mothers.

Although I was a teacher for five years before working in the ruthless world of politics for another five, being a mom has always been my most important job ever! I tried to domesticate myself, but I’m just too nerdy to be one of those moms. I love movies, Disney, pop culture, and all things entertainment.

I do a lot of multitasking these days; trying to understand why I can never go to the bathroom alone and generally exercising caution in the danger zone surrounding my child.

And, of course, I blog.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you and participate in some of the conversations happening here.

Thanks for visiting, and come back again soon!

From Jenny @MomTattles

Mom Tattles was established in January 2014. Early variations of Mom Tattles have appeared at Mommy Huh (circa 2011) and Just a Little Spoonful (circa 2013).

– See more at: http://momtattles.com/about/#sthash.LdIVRXes.dpuf


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